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MadgeTech Alarm Types (Device, Software, and Cloud alarms)

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Alarms are a useful feature available for many MadgeTech loggers. Alarms can be used to notify users when user defined conditions are met, such as a reading being outside of a specified threshold.

There are three main alarm types that can be used with MadgeTech loggers, the MadgeTech 4 software, and/or the MadgeTech Cloud Service: device (hardware) alarms, software alarms, and cloud alarms. Not all alarm types will be supported by all MadgeTech systems. The types of alarms that are supported will depend on factors such as the model of logger being used; the mode the logger is started in; and whether the logger is controlled using the MadgeTech 4 software or connected to the MadgeTech Cloud Service via an RFC1000 Cloud Relay.

For logging applications that require alarms, it is important to select equipment that is compatible with the desired alarm types.

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Determining Maximum Log Time

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Data loggers have a finite amount of internal memory that determines the maximum number of readings that can be stored. Depending on the user selected reading interval the total time a data logger will record data, known as the Log Time, can vary significantly.

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Top 10 Data Logging Software Features for 2020

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You have chosen the perfect data logging solution for your application, you have the equipment in place and have started collecting data, now what?

Collecting the data is a critical step in in the process, but having the right tools at your fingertips to easily absorb and present that information cannot be underestimated. The MadgeTech Data Logger Software is a diverse and powerful program designed to address the challenges of routine monitoring procedures.

Data logging software that includes the following features and characteristics will offer the most efficiency while simplifying the task:

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