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Troubleshooting LynxPro Wireless Communication

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The Lynx data logger features a wireless Bluetooth® connection for use with the MadgeTech mobile app through compatible Android and Apple smartphones. While wireless communication can be straightforward, it is always possible that communication issues may occur under certain circumstances.

General Connection Issues

First ensure that the MadgeTech mobile app has launched on the smartphone, and that Bluetooth® is enabled for wireless communication. If the Lynx does not communicate with the MadgeTech mobile app at first, it would be necessary to first retrieve the data logger in order to enable wireless communication.

This is done by pressing and holding down the button marked with the Bluetooth® symbol, until the symbol also appears in the upper left corner of the data logger’s screen. If the Lynx does not respond to inputs on its LCD screen, or otherwise does not show the battery life indicator, then it may be necessary to replace the CR2450 battery.

In the MadgeTech mobile app, the Lynx should appear inside of the list of Devices if it has previously been added, regardless of whether or not wireless communication is currently available. However, if the Lynx does not appear in the initial list of devices, open the menu in the top left corner and select (+) Add to scan for available devices, and select the desired Lynx when it appears.

The Lynx has a wireless communication range of approximately 32 ft (10 m) with direct line of sight. If communication difficulties continue, it may be necessary to temporarily move the Lynx from its current location within the operating environment to reestablish communication, in order to download its data.

If the devices are within range of each other, and Bluetooth® is enabled on both devices, then it may be recommended to restart the smartphone before trying to connect once more through the MadgeTech mobile app.

Android Connection Issues

When running Android and repeated attempts to connect to the device fail you can try the following:

  1. Go to Settings
    Show all apps
    Select System Apps
    Clear Storage

If continuing to face issues, please complete the following

  1. Go to: Phone Settings
    Connected Devices
    Pair new device.

            Hold down the Bluetooth device until the Bluetooth icon shows on the logger display

            Find the logger identifier in the form of:

                  MT LynxPro SXXXXXX (X… = 5 char serial number of specific logger)      

             Select the device and select ‘pair’ on the pop-up.

If you continue to have wireless communication issues, for additional troubleshooting, please contact [email protected] or call Technical Support directly at 603-746-8202.

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If you continue to experience issues, for additional troubleshooting, please contact [email protected] or call Technical Support directly at 603-746-8202.