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Wireless Data Logger Troubleshooting

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There are various reasons why a wireless data logger may not appear in the MadgeTech 4 software through the RFC1000 wireless network, or experience communication issues.

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Comparing Cloud Relays and MadgeTech 4 Cloud Monitoring

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The MadgeTech Cloud Service provides an online interface for monitoring real time data collected and uploaded to the Cloud Service through Cloud Relays, as well as through the Cloud Monitoring feature in the MadgeTech 4 software. The level of control provided through the Cloud Service user interface will vary depending on which platform is used to connect the loggers to the Cloud.

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Determining Maximum Log Time

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Data loggers have a finite amount of internal memory that determines the maximum number of readings that can be stored. Depending on the user selected reading interval the total time a data logger will record data, known as the Log Time, can vary significantly.

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