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Troubleshooting LynxPro Wireless Communication

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The Lynx data logger features a wireless Bluetooth® connection for use with the MadgeTech mobile app through compatible Android and Apple smartphones. While wireless communication can be straightforward, it is always possible that communication issues may occur under certain circumstances.

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Rewiring Thermocouple Mini-plug Connectors

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Many thermocouple solutions are provided fully assembled and connected to a subminiature plug (SMP) with polarized blades, allowing the thermocouple to quickly be attached to a data logger. While these thermocouple solutions often save time and effort, it can be helpful to understand the basic principles of how a thermocouple is connected to an SMP. This can be especially useful when troubleshooting unusual temperature readings that may not be realistic for the application at hand.

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UltraShock Applications

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The UltraShock is a versatile, compact, tri-axial shock recorder with additional temperature, pressure, and humidity sensors making it suitable for a variety of applications.  This model features a large memory capacity, rechargeable battery, and convenient form factor.  The six included sensors can be easily enabled or disabled to tailor the capabilities to the specific needs of the project at hand.  It is light, can be easily mounted, and includes convenient LED status indicators.  These features allow the UltraShock to monitor and record parameters for environmentally sensitive equipment in consumer, industrial, aerospace, research and development, military, automotive, and safety-critical processes.

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