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UltraShock Applications

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The UltraShock is a versatile, compact, tri-axial shock recorder with additional temperature, pressure, and humidity sensors making it suitable for a variety of applications.  This model features a large memory capacity, rechargeable battery, and convenient form factor.  The six included sensors can be easily enabled or disabled to tailor the capabilities to the specific needs of the project at hand.  It is light, can be easily mounted, and includes convenient LED status indicators.  These features allow the UltraShock to monitor and record parameters for environmentally sensitive equipment in consumer, industrial, aerospace, research and development, military, automotive, and safety-critical processes.

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An Advanced Materials & Manufacturing Firm Puts MadgeTech to the Drop Test

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Photo Courtesy: Multiscale Systems

Researchers and developers at Multiscale Systems had to create a custom impact drop test tower when it came to testing new metamaterials for NASA.

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