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Rewiring Thermocouple Mini-plug Connectors

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Many thermocouple solutions are provided fully assembled and connected to a subminiature plug (SMP) with polarized blades, allowing the thermocouple to quickly be attached to a data logger. While these thermocouple solutions often save time and effort, it can be helpful to understand the basic principles of how a thermocouple is connected to an SMP. This can be especially useful when troubleshooting unusual temperature readings that may not be realistic for the application at hand.

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Does the probe detect temperature along the whole length of the probe?

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The temperature is measured at the RTD element for RTD probes, or the thermocouple junction for thermocouple probes. This is typically close to tip of the probe in most cases, so the temperature is measured close to the tip of the probe.

However, response time is typically better if more of the probe is exposed to the environment/product/media/etc.