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Why are there strange characters in my LynxPro export files?

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The export files for the MadgeTech mobile app for the LynxPro series of loggers uses the UTF-8 encoding. UTF-8 (Unicode Transformation Format – 8 bit) is a universal format selected as it is a standard with broad compatibility for use with software from many vendors.

Some software–such as Microsoft Excel–may add unnecessary characters when importing data in this format. For example: 25 °C may be displayed as 25 °C. 

It is possible to process this data in Excel to view the data in a more readable format and remove the extraneous characters.

  1. In the Data tab of the toolbar, select From Text/CSV in the Get & Transform Data section
  2. Locate and select the .CSV file for the exported data, and double-click or highlight and click Import
  3. Unicode (UTF-8) should be selected in the File Origin dropdown box, and Comma should be selected in the Delimiter dropdown box
  4. Click Load

This will result in a more user friendly format.

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