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Top 10 Data Logging Software Features for 2020

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You have chosen the perfect data logging solution for your application, you have the equipment in place and have started collecting data, now what?

Collecting the data is a critical step in in the process, but having the right tools at your fingertips to easily absorb and present that information cannot be underestimated. The MadgeTech Data Logger Software is a diverse and powerful program designed to address the challenges of routine monitoring procedures.

Data logging software that includes the following features and characteristics will offer the most efficiency while simplifying the task:

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Error Exporting to Excel

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Exporting to Excel from MadgeTech 4 may raise this error for a number of reasons, as this feature relies on the functionality built into Excel itself. For this reason, Excel must be installed on the computer, and any cloud-based version of Excel is not compatible. If Excel is installed when the error occurs, please restart the computer to see if the issue persists. Otherwise, running the repair tool built into Microsoft Office may resolve the issue:

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