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Top 10 Data Logging Software Features for 2020

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You have chosen the perfect data logging solution for your application, you have the equipment in place and have started collecting data, now what?

Collecting the data is a critical step in in the process, but having the right tools at your fingertips to easily absorb and present that information cannot be underestimated. The MadgeTech Data Logger Software is a diverse and powerful program designed to address the challenges of routine monitoring procedures.

Data logging software that includes the following features and characteristics will offer the most efficiency while simplifying the task:

1. Easy to Navigate
Challenge: Sorting large amounts of data can be very difficult, slowing the process down and increasing the margin of error.
Solution: MadgeTech 4 Software automatically creates reports as the data is downloaded and offers a familiar interface style.

2. Export Data
Challenge: The ability to export your data for storage, merging, styling or sharing with colleagues is key.
Solution: MadgeTech 4 Software allows data to be exported to a spreadsheet and saves a copy to the software’s internal file database for future use.

3. Electronic/Print Reports
Challenge: We still live in a paper world, and the need to print reports may be required to satisfy compliance.
Solution: MadgeTech 4 Software provides the option to print reports in graph, tabular, and statistic view with additional formatting features available for electronic reports.

4. Real-Time Data Display
Challenge: Viewing data logger activity as it happens depends on the capability of the software.
Solution: MadgeTech offers a variety of data loggers capable of streaming data in real-time directly to the central PC.

5. Combining Data
Challenge: Many applications require collecting data from multiple data loggers.
Solution: MadgeTech 4 Software allows data from multiple loggers to be easily combined into a single report or multiple reports as needed.

6. Alerts & Notifications
Challenge: Data collection isn’t always convenient and needs to take place whether or not someone is physically present. If a deviation occurs, you will want know as soon as it happens, not after the fact. 
Solution: MadgeTech data loggers and software offer options for audible, email, text or on-screen alerts the instant a user-specified threshold is breached.

7. Units of Measure
Challenge: For efficiency and presentation, software should have the capability to easily switch from displaying one unit of measurement to another.
Solution: With the MadgeTech 4 Software, select one or multiple Math Channels to add to a report and easily remove them with just the click of a button.

8. Annotations & Reference Points
Challenge: Most often users will need to make notes or reference certain points within a recorded process.
Solution: MadgeTech 4 Software is equipped with a variety of tools to customize graphs and reports including annotations, time markers, cooling flags, value lines and much more.

9. Automation
Challenge: The data collection process can be time consuming, letting the software perform repeat tasks is a critical time saver for any operation.
Solution: MadgeTech 4 Software provides user-configurable workflow options to automate starting, stopping and downloading data on a regular basis.

10. Cost
Challenge: Users want tools that are cost-effective for the project, but often times fall short of expectations.
Solution: MadgeTech 4 Software (standard) is continually updated, supported and always available as a free download from the MadgeTech website.

MadgeTech is continually evolving to offer a complete monitoring solutions to simplify customer needs. To ensure you are running the latest version of the MadgeTech 4 Software, click here to download now.

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