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Configuring Cloud Alarms

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The alarm feature in the MadgeTech Cloud Service can be used to send email and text alerts, notifying users when specified conditions have been met. The alarm types available in the Cloud service include: logger readings falling outside of a user specified threshold; low battery conditions; and missed readings.

Cloud alarms work with devices that are actively connected to the MadgeTech Cloud Service, via either the MadgeTech 4 software or the RFC1000 Cloud Relay. Loggers must be running in real time mode to communicate with the Cloud Service, so Cloud alarms are most commonly used with wireless loggers such as the RF2000A series, RFOTs, and ThermAlerts.

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Configuring Device Alarms

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Device alarms (also referred to as hardware alarms) can be configured to activate an LED light on a logger to flash, and/or an audible alert to sound on RF2000A series loggers, when readings fall outside of user-specified thresholds.

Device alarms can be enabled and configured via the MadgeTech 4 software. The alarm configuration menu will vary somewhat depending on the model of logger being used, but the basic steps for configuring the alarms will be similar. Below are descriptions of features that are common to all models, as well as additional descriptions of features that are specific to particular models.

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MadgeTech Alarm Types (Device, Software, and Cloud alarms)

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Alarms are a useful feature available for many MadgeTech loggers. Alarms can be used to notify users when user defined conditions are met, such as a reading being outside of a specified threshold.

There are three main alarm types that can be used with MadgeTech loggers, the MadgeTech 4 software, and/or the MadgeTech Cloud Service: device (hardware) alarms, software alarms, and cloud alarms. Not all alarm types will be supported by all MadgeTech systems. The types of alarms that are supported will depend on factors such as the model of logger being used; the mode the logger is started in; and whether the logger is controlled using the MadgeTech 4 software or connected to the MadgeTech Cloud Service via an RFC1000 Cloud Relay.

For logging applications that require alarms, it is important to select equipment that is compatible with the desired alarm types.

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