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Lyophilization and Validating the Process

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Lyophilization is the process of removing water from a material after the product is frozen. Also known as freeze drying, lyophilization allows the ice to change from a solid directly to vapor without passing through the liquid phase. Mainly utilized by the pharmaceutical and food industries, lyophilization preserves perishable products by maintaining quality while increasing shelf life.

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Configuring Device Alarms

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Device alarms (also referred to as hardware alarms) can be configured to activate an LED light on a logger to flash, and/or an audible alert to sound on RF2000A series loggers, when readings fall outside of user-specified thresholds.

Device alarms can be enabled and configured via the MadgeTech 4 software. The alarm configuration menu will vary somewhat depending on the model of logger being used, but the basic steps for configuring the alarms will be similar. Below are descriptions of features that are common to all models, as well as additional descriptions of features that are specific to particular models.

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