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Changing the default (preferred) unit used for data in reports.

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The unit type used by default in new reports is based on the configured ‘Preferred Units’, or default, for that unit type. For example for the unit type temperature, the preferred unit is Celsius (°C) be default, where some users may prefer Fahrenheit (°F). 

To change the default unit types for each parameter, go to the File menu in the MadgeTech data logger software and select Options. Click the Units tab and for each unit type you want to change, select it in the Preferred Units dropdown box.

Units may also be changed on a report by report basis, by highlighting the data channel in the Channels panel, then changing the unit using the Unit dropdown box in the Channels & Readings section of the Report toolbar. Alternatively, right click on the unit label in the vertical axis of a graph report and select the desired unit from the contextual list.

I am getting error 33024. What does this error mean and how do I fix it?

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Error 33024 is a general communications error that almost always is due to a low battery. If the battery is weak but not completely dead, the logger may get enough backpowering from the IFC200 for the logger to communicate with the software. However, the additional power required for the logger to download is enough to brown out the processor and cause a reset, which yields error 33024. 

The problem will typically be resolved by replacing the battery.