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Calculating Lethality in MadgeTech 4

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It is possible to calculate lethality values based on logged temperature data using the MadgeTech 4 software. MadgeTech 4 can calculate lethality using A0, F0, Fd, Fh, and Pasteurization Units (PU).

Lethality can be calculated in a statistics report, or by using a math channel (which allows the lethality value to be displayed as an additional line in a graph report). The instructions for calculating lethality using each of these methods are as follows:

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3 Fundamentals to Successfully Prepare for an Audit

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Whether the audit comes as a complete shock or it has been scheduled for months in advance, it’s a challenge to comply with such stringent inspections. The difficulty to remain in constant compliance can cause even the most well-managed companies to fail an audit, costing both time and money.

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Error Exporting to Excel

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Exporting to Excel from MadgeTech 4 may raise this error for a number of reasons, as this feature relies on the functionality built into Excel itself. For this reason, Excel must be installed on the computer, and any cloud-based version of Excel is not compatible. If Excel is installed when the error occurs, please restart the computer to see if the issue persists. Otherwise, running the repair tool built into Microsoft Office may resolve the issue:

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