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Cycle Detection for Lethality in MadgeTech 4

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The ability to calculate lethality is a useful feature in the MadgeTech 4 software. MadgeTech 4 contains formulas that allow the user to automatically calculate A0, F0, Fd, Fh, and Pasteurization Units (PU), using either Math Channels or Statistics Reports. Instructions for adding lethality statistics to reports can be found in the following article: Calculating Lethality in MadgeTech 4 | MadgeTech

While Math Channels and Statistics Reports will use the same mathematical formulas to calculate lethality, there is an important distinction in the behavior of the two methods that users should be aware of when analyzing lethality results. Math Channels will automatically detect new lethality cycles when calculating lethality values, while lethality statistics added to a Statistics Report will not.

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