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RFC1000 and WiFi Interference

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RFC1000 transceivers provide a wireless network for MadgeTech data loggers to communicate wirelessly with the MadgeTech 4 software through the 2.4GHz ISM band. One of the many devices that can use the 2.4GHz ISM band is the unassuming Wi-Fi network (wireless internet). Other sources of interference may be present in any given environment, but due to the ubiquity of Wi-Fi, it is recommended to review this potential source first.

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Changing or updating the clock on a 2000 series data logger.

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The data logger’s clock synchronizes to the computer’s clock when you Start the device in the software. Simply programming the logger to start sets the clock to the correct time.

MadgeTech 4

Highlight the logger in the Connected Devices panel, and select the Custom Start option on the Device toolbar.

MadgeTech 2

Select Start Device from the Device menu.