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Installing MadgeTech USB Drivers – Version

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MadgeTech has released a new version of the USB drivers that are required for the IFC300, IFC400, and RFC1000 interfaces. This update is not required for users who have already installed a previous version of the drivers.

1. Requirements/Prerequisites

2. Installing the Drivers

3. Updating From Version


New MadgeTech 4 users who have not previously installed the MadgeTech USB drivers should install version These drivers will require version or later of the free version of MadgeTech 4, or version or later of MadgeTech 4 Secure.

For existing users who have already installed the MadgeTech USB drivers, it is not required to update. The legacy drivers will continue to work with the updated software versions, as well as all MadgeTech logger models that are compatible with the MadgeTech 4 software.

Installing the Drivers

Prior to installing the drivers, it is recommended to close MadgeTech 4 (or MadgeTech 4 Secure), and disconnect all MadgeTech interfaces from the computer’s USB ports until the installation is complete.

Note: Restarting the PC is required to complete the installation.

  1. Download the drivers from the MadgeTech website.
  2. Right-click on the downloaded .zip file and select Extract All.
  3. In the extracted folder, double-click the Run file.
  4. Click More Info, then Run Anyway in the Windows Protected your PC prompt (if applicable).
  5. Click Yes in the Windows Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device? prompt (if applicable).
  6. In the driver installer window, click Next, then Finish.
  7. Click Restart to reboot the PC and complete the installation. (The PC can be rebooted at a later time if necessary, but a restart is required to complete the driver installation.)

Updating from Version

For users who have already installed a previous version of the MadgeTech USB drivers, it is not required to update to the new version. However, it is certainly possible to do so. The process for updating the MadgeTech USB drivers will be the same as the process for a new installation that is described above, although there are a few additional steps that may be required.

After following the installation procedure above and rebooting the PC, the driver version can be verified in the File–>Options–>About menu. For the new drivers, the USB driver version should appear as WinUSB. The legacy drivers should show a USB driver version of

If the software continues to display the old version number after updating, or if no loggers appear in the Connected Devices panel of MadgeTech 4 after the update, the following steps should help to resolve the issue.

First, uninstall the old MadgeTech drivers. Type Add or Remove Programs in the Windows Start Menu, and then click on the entry in the start menu to open the application. In the Add or Remove Programs menu, left-click on the entry for Datalogger Interface (Driver Removal) to expand the entry, and then click Uninstall.

Next, open the Windows File Explorer and navigate to the following folder:


In this folder, locate the file name SiUSBXp.sys, and delete, rename, or remove the file from this folder. If renaming the file, it is recommended to use a name that will allow the file to be identified at a later date, but will still prevent the drivers from recognizing the file; for example, SiUSBXp.sys.ARCHIVE. After completing this step, reboot the PC, and the software should then recognize any connected loggers, and show the correct driver version in the File–>Options–>About menu.

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