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How to use Timeslices in MadgeTech 4

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The MadgeTech 4 software provides multiple report types that can be used in combination to reveal important details about collected data. These can be a helpful tool for datasets that contain data from multiple cycles of an application to better analyze the data shown for each independent cycle.

Graph reports have a tool known as Timeslice which can be found under the Report tab. The Timeslice feature limits the Data Table and Statistics reports generated from the current graph report to the selected range of data. This can be useful in determining statistics for a smaller selected range of data within a dataset, and it can also be used to reduce the number of total data points that are shown in a data table report.

Note that the timeslice is applied to the graph report, and does not truncate or permanently remove any readings from the original dataset. Statistics or data table reports must be generated from the graph report containing the timeslice for the range of the timeslice to apply. Any statistics or data table reports that are generated directly from the dataset, instead of the graph report containing the timeslice, will not be effected.

To select a range of data within an open graph report to use in a Data Table or Statistics report, select the Report tab and click the Timeslice button located in the graph group to reveal its options, then click the Enable Timeslice checkbox. Once the timeslice has been enabled, a blue selection box will appear on the graph, which represents the timeslice.

This selection box can be adjusted by manually typing in the start and end times, or visually adjusted on the graph with a mouse. To visually adjust the timeslice selection, move the mouse cursor to the edge of the blue selection box (the cursor will change into double-ended arrows ↔), click and hold down the left mouse button, drag left or right until at the desired location, and then release the left mouse button. If the graph has already been scaled using the ‘Set Scale’ or Zoom functions to view a smaller part of the data set, then the timeslice can be automatically adjusted to fit the viewed data by clicking the Select Current Time Scale button found in the timeslice menu.

Once the timeslice has been adjusted to the desired location, any Data Tables or Statistics reports that are generated from the open report will now reflect the data within the timeslice of the graph.

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