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Trigger Settings for Data Loggers

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Trigger settings restrict data loggers from recording until thresholds are reached or exceeded. These thresholds are called trigger start setpoints, and can be configured through the data logger’s Properties menu, under Trigger.

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Changing the unit type in trigger settings.

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The unit type used in trigger settings is based on the configured ‘Preferred Units’, or default, for that unit type. For example for the unit type Thermocouple Voltage, the preferred units are by default Millivolts (mV), where it may be more convenient to use degrees Celsius. 

It is very easy to change the default unit types for each parameter. First, go to the File menu in the MadgeTech data logger software and select Options. Then click the Units tab and for each unit type you want to change, select it in the Preferred Units dropdown box.

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