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Top 4 Methods of Milk Pasteurization

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We all know the health benefits of milk; it was practically instilled in us since when we were young. But did you ever consider the dangers milk could pose if it wasn’t properly processed? Dairy farmers all around the world make it possible for milk to be abundant, fresh, available and safe for consumption. In order to ensure public health, milk must be pasteurized before it’s stocked in stores.

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Case Study: MadgeTech Makes an Impact at Vermont Cider Company

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Vermont Cider Company, located in Middlebury, Vermont, is dedicated to crafting innovative and refreshing hard ciders to a wide variety of customers. Originating in 1991 for their well-known Woodchuck Cider, Vermont Cider Company quickly became the first major commercial producer of hard cider.

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The Popularity Behind Thermal Processing

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Thermal Processing is a practice that combines temperature and time as a way of eliminating or reducing microorganisms in food products. Through the use of high temperatures, thermal processing heats a product long enough to control the targeted pathogen(s) in the product that are harmful to consumers.Methods of thermal processing, including pasteurization and sterilization, ensure consumer safety while preventing spoilage during the shelf-life of a product. Although both processes are responsible for destroying microbial toxins that lead to foodborne illnesses, they differ in various ways.

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