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The History Behind Beer Pasteurization

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When it comes to beer most of us are concerned with only one temperature: cold (or between 38-55°F / 3-13°C depending on the type according to enthusiasts). But while those of us who enjoy the timeless beverage may debate away on the proper level of ‘cold’, those who craft it are occupied with temperatures at the opposite end of the thermometer.

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Case Study: Food & Beverage Biotech Company Selects MadgeTech for Thermal Validation

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Supporting more than 2,500 companies worldwide, a distinguished biotech organization in the UK selects MadgeTech data loggers to assist with testing and analysis.

For more on how Campden BRI is using MadgeTech data loggers, click here to read the case study in full.

4 Simple Ways to Protect Your Wine

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A bottle of red, a bottle of white, whatever kind of mood you’re in tonight. Billy Joel said it best, but when you’re in the store and it’s time to make up your mind, it’s hard to choose just one! So, if you’re anything like me, you end up buying a few bottles knowing it will eventually be put to good use. However, until you pop the cork it’s important to keep them stored in the right conditions; you don’t want it too cold or too hot, but just right.

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