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Open MadgeTech 4 on Windows Startup

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Opening programs automatically can be done with relative ease in Windows 10, and the MadgeTech 4 software is no exception.

To automatically start MadgeTech 4 after logging into a computer, a desktop shortcut to the software can be added to the Windows ‘Startup’ folder.

To create the shortcut for later use in this article, right-click on the desktop icon for the MadgeTech 4 software and select ‘Create Shortcut’. There should now be two shortcuts on the desktop. Now all that’s left is to add it to the ‘Startup’ folder.

To find the ‘Startup’ folder, right-click on the Windows Start button on the taskbar and select ‘Run’. A small window will appear with a single text field labeled ‘Open:’. In this ‘Open:’ box, copy and paste the text below, or type the following with no spaces, and then click then click ‘OK’:


After this step, Windows ‘File Explorer’ will open to reveal the ‘Startup’ folder. Return to the desktop and drag the second MadgeTech 4 shortcut into this ‘Startup’ folder.

To test that the software opens on it’s own, please make sure that any users that are logged onto the computer have saved any unfinished work before restarting. Once the computer has restarted and the user logs back on, the MadgeTech 4 software should open on it’s own.

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