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What is Response Time in Data Loggers?

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Data loggers are designed in all shapes and sizes to record data over time, but they all need time to adjust to the environment being monitored. The time it takes for the data logger to read the monitoring environment is referred to as the response time.

No data logger can immediately record the exact measurement of an environment. Data Loggers with a small sensor will react faster than a logger with a larger sensor, simply because a small sensor takes less time and energy to heat up. Although it may seem natural to turn to a data logger with a fast response time, it is not always needed. 

When monitoring the temperature change of a cup of water versus a pool on a hot day, the water in the cup would adjust to the ambient temperature in under an hour, while the pool would obviously take much longer.

In this scenario, even a data logger with the fastest response time would still have to wait on the temperature adjustment for both the cup and pool. 

The key factor to determining response time is the environment being monitored. Different elements such as air, water or steam will all have different heat transfer rates, with higher heat transfer rates in liquids than air and other gasses. Also, take into consideration the affect movement and density contribute into the response time.

It all comes down how fast the application is changing, and how fast the sensor needs to respond. Typically, a faster the response time comes with extra costs; however, MadgeTech data loggers provide high quality monitoring solutions at an affordable price.

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