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Keeping a Close Eye in the Sky

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Years before an aircraft or spacecraft takes flight it undergoes stringent testing to ensure safety and reliability. To achieve total confidence, the aerospace industry and the military relies on multiple monitoring applications to detect vulnerabilities within the system that could lead to catastrophic failure.

Every component of an aircraft plays a role in its successful operation, so it’s important to monitor vital parameters during aircraft testing and research studies. Minor fluctuations in temperature, pressure, voltage and vibration could introduce the threat for errors, or even disaster. Capable of monitoring endless applications, data loggers are essential to gain a complete environmental profile and validation of proper performance.

It’s not only critical to monitor physical parameters during research and development, but while the aircraft is in-fight as well. The sudden acceleration of a mechanical system on-board can cause shock and vibration, which could be detrimental to the vehicle, cargo and components. The MadgeTech UltraShock data logger is the all-in-one solution for not only monitoring shock, but pressure, temperature and humidity as well!

When it comes to operating at high elevations, pressure can be life-threatening for humans. The human body can only handle 5 PSI before it begins to experience side effects or possibly fatality; at 20 PSI, the human fatality rate reaches 100%. The PRTC110 data logger monitors the pressure and temperature conditions humans are exposed to while in-flight. This product is often used to measure oxygen pressure levels and body temperature to prevent health complications.

NASA utilizes MadgeTech data loggers for research and monitoring needs on the ground and in the Earth’s orbit. At the Kennedy Space Station, RHTemp101A temperature and humidity data loggers were used to obtain an environmental profile of the Vehicle Assembly Building to see if the building was suitable to house a Space Launch System. MadgeTech’s Cryo-Temp ultra-low temperature data logger has been where very few people have, the International Space Station. There, the Cryo-Temp assists with experiments by monitoring the temperature of bio-specimen samples kept well below freezing temperatures to preserve quality.

MadgeTech can find to best solution for your unique monitoring needs. To view the line of data loggers for aerospace applications, click here.

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