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Data Loggers are Key to Conserving Energy

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Between gassing up our cars, powering our homes and the products we buy, we consume more energy on a daily basis than we think. Overall, the world’s population consumes around 15 terawatts of energy a year. That’s comparable to 10 billion 100-watt household light bulbs being used at the same time!

Currently, fossil fuels are the primary power generators, but the use of renewable energy is expected to grow to 19.35% by 2057, with wind power being the fastest growing source. Replacing fossil fuels with wind power for just one month is the equivalent to keeping your car off the road for 2,400 miles.

No matter the resource in play, energy conservation is necessary to comply with environmental regulations, prevent resource depletion and save money. There’s no quick fix; energy conservation is an ongoing process that involves monitoring and controlling to manage any faults in the process. Data loggers are key to accurately monitoring and recording energy production for audits, usage studies, testing and verification. 

An energy audit is the first step to assessing how much energy a building consumes. During an audit, data loggers are strategically placed throughout the building to collect measurements, which are used to analyze the distribution of energy. Results will reveal any problem areas that require attention to balance or reduce energy output, saving you money over time.

Usage studies suggest that as much as 20% of energy that enters a home ends up wasted. These studies aren’t just being used to make customers aware of their habits, but for utility companies to keep track of energy generated and supplied to the power grid for distribution.

During the transmission of energy from the grid to the substation, voltage levels are stepped up for the long-distance travel. Once at the substation, the power voltage must be reduced for distribution, and then again upon arrival at service location.

The knowledge gained through the use of data loggers gives consumers and utility companies an opportunity to make money-saving improvements, all while benefiting the environment. To view all of the data loggers to assist with energy consumption, production and safety, click here.

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