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3 Reasons Recalibration is Important

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1. Traceability
This term can be referred to as a set of standards established to determine the precision and accuracy of similar instruments. Manufacturers worldwide compare measurements to ensure there’s no loss in a common standard. These set standards provide control over daily manufacturing processes, ensuring customer specifications are met at the highest quality.

2. Accuracy 
Calibration defines the accuracy of the measurements provided by the instrument. Over time, the accuracy of the instrument begins to drift due to the operating environment, usage or physical stress. The rate of deterioration differs, depending on the instrument and the environment, with the accuracy of temperature and humidity sensors declining at faster rates than other parameters. That’s why it’s important to keep track of readings, so you know when to recalibrate before the instruments fails to provide the results you depend on.

3. Confidence
The purpose of calibration is to minimize the uncertainty of the measurements being recorded, providing confidence as to the accuracy and reliable of the instrument. To remain confident in the results, the instrument must be routinely recalibrated to control errors and ensure it’s working like it was designed to. A faulty instrument could prove to be costly or even dangerous.

Maintaining the uniformity of measurement also goes for calibration facilities. Every few years, facilities must have their standards undergo comparison with standards of higher accuracy to confirm the laboratory remains in compliance with accreditation requirements.

MadgeTech is a trusted calibration service provider, accredited with ISO 17025 certification. All MadgeTech data loggers come with either an ISO or standard calibration certificate to show that they meet industry standards.

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