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Data Loggers for 4-20mA Applications

Data Loggers

4-20mA Applications

MadgeTech’s process data loggers are low-level current devices designed to measure and record 4-20mA data from a variety of sources. These rugged loggers can be used to monitor any type of equipment with a dc voltage or 4-20mA output. They streamline the data collection process, providing high-quality information for analysis.

The battery-powered 4-20mA data loggers listed here come with a range of useful features and MadgeTech’s extended warranty option means our customers can count on these devices for years to come. You can also rely on MadgeTech’s calibration laboratory to ensure continued optimal performance of your device.

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  1. 8 Channel, Low Level DC Current Data Logger

    OctProcess Data Logger


    8–Channel, Battery Powered, Low Level DC Current Data Logger and wall mounted power adapter.. Features user-programmable Engineering Units and offset/gain calculation so input signals can be scaled to proper units being measured. Includes NIST traceable calibration certificate Learn More
  2. Low-Level DC Current Data Logger

    Process101A Data Logger


    Low Cost, State-of-the-Art, Low Level DC Current Data Logger with a 10 Year Battery Life and 1 Million Reading Storage Capacity. Includes NIST traceable calibration certificate. Learn More
  3. Four Channel, Low Level DC Current Data Logger

    QuadProcess Data Logger


    4-channel, low level DC current data logger and wall mounted power adapter. Includes NIST traceable calibration certificate. Learn More
  4. RFCurrent, Wireless Current Data Logger

    RFCurrent2000A Wireless Data Logger


    Two-way Wireless DC Current Data Logger with LCD. Includes NIST traceable calibration certificate. Learn More
  5. Titan S8

    Titan S8


    8 Channel Portable Data Acquisition Logger with 5" Touchscreen Learn More

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