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Data Loggers for Lyophilization

Data Loggers


MadgeTech’s Lyophilization Data Logger is designed for use in ultra-low operating temperatures for processes such as Lyophilization. The LyoTemp data logger offers a smart, affordable solution for a wide range of applications including the preparation of biological pharmaceuticals, monitoring plasma and red cell freezers or dry ice shipments.


  • Biological Pharmaceuticals
  • Dry Ice Shipments
  • Plasma Monitoring

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From the discovery of DNA and penicillin to x-rays and microwaves, laboratories are the starting point for some of the greatest scientific breakthroughs. As technology advances, behind every great scientist you will find an exceptional set of tools. To ensure experiments are not jeopardized, data loggers are utilized throughout the laboratory environment to maintain the proper environmental conditions, as well as a validation tool for autoclaves, incubators and testing.

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Worldwide, there are more than 300 million biological specimens stored at temperatures below -80 °C, but most of them are unusable. According to the U.S. National Institutes of Health, up to 70% of those samples are worthless because the lack of provenance. That means these samples have no histories or ways to trace them back to their origin. Not to mention, environmental storage records don't exist, so there's no way to validate these samples have been properly preserved.

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  1. Lyophilization Data Logger

    LyoTemp Data Logger


    Lyophilization Data Logger. Records Temperatures as low as -60 °C. Utilizes a USB Docking Station to communicate with a personal computer. (USB Docking Station sold separately). Learn More
  2. MicroDisk, Surface Temperature Probe

    MicroDisc Surface Temperature Probe Attachment


    Surface temperature probe attachment designed to be used with the MadgeTech HiTemp140-FP and LyoTemp Data Loggers Learn More
  3. HiTemp140-FP, High Temperature Data Logger with Flexible RTD Probe

    HiTemp140-FP Flexible Probe Temperature Data Logger


    High Temperature Data Logger with Flexible RTD Probe Learn More

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