Canning Fitting for Data Loggers

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Key Features:



The CF200 and CF202 Canning Fitting securely attaches MadgeTech HiTemp140 data loggers to jar lids, cans or other containers, with the data logger probe inserted into the container to monitor internal temperatures. MadegTech’s canning fittings can withstand temperatures up to 140 °C (284 °F) making them ideal for use in a variety of canning applications in a wide range of industries and environments.

The CF200 is compatible with the HiTemp140-FP, HiTemp140-PT-5, HiTemp140-2-TD, and HiTemp140-5.25-TD data loggers.

The CF202 is compatible with the HiTemp140-CF.


CF200 & CF202 Specification Sheet

CF200 Product User Guide

Part Numbers

CF200 Canning Fitting for Data Loggers — 901911-00