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Save and Share Reports

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The standard method of saving reports is to save to the MadgeTech 4 internal File Database:

  1. Open a dataset as a Graph, Data Table, or Statistics report
  2. Go to File – Save
  3. Select a Report folder or subfolder within the File Database as the save location

To save reports as individual files outside of the software, which can be shared, use the following method:

  1. Originating PC opens a dataset as a Graph, Data Table, or Statistics report
  2. Go to File – Save To – File to save in the MadgeTech File Format (.mtff/.mtffs)
  3. Save the file or send the file as an email attachment
  4. Viewing PC receives the file and saves to PC
  5. In the MadgeTech 4 software, go to File – Open
  6. To save a report, go to File – Save
  7. To save a report and a dataset (raw data) to File Database, go to File – Save To – File Database.  (Saving in this manner saves the original data previously downloaded on a different PC)

To share files in MadgeTech 4 Secure Software, all PC’s require a Secure Software license.  Please contact [email protected] to purchase additional software licenses.

Add a Dataset to a Report

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To display additional data within the same report view, users can add a dataset to a report.

Open the report the dataset will be added to, or select the tab or window for that report.

  1. In the File Database panel, select the folder that contains the desired dataset.
  2. In the Files panel, select the desired dataset.
    Multiple datasets can be selected by holding the Ctrl or Shift key and either clicking additional datasets or using the arrow keys.
  3. Right-click the dataset and click Add to current report, then select the desired report.

    The dataset can also be dragged into the report window.