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MadgeTech is Dropping Prices to Save You Money

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MadgeTech has announced the price drop of three top selling products, the Shock300, VTMS and HiTemp140X2. These three loggers offer versatility to be used across many industries for different applications.

The Shock300 is a tri-axial, standalone shock recorder. Featuring three built-in acceleration ranges, the Shock300 proves that good things come in small packages. With the ability to record over 4 million readings and a rechargeable battery, the Shock300 is the perfect logger for applications such as shipping, drop testing or even assembly line monitoring.

The VTMS was specifically designed for monitoring the temperature of vaccines. Featuring a glycol buffer and easy mounting solution, the VTMS can fit into any fridge for simple monitoring. With the ability to send real-time alerts and notifications, there is no need to worry about temperatures going out of range!

The HiTemp140X2 is another versatile product, right down to the probes! With the body of the popular HiTemp140, users can choose which dual-probe configuration works best for applications, with the options of rigid, flexible or bendable probes. All configurations are fully submersible and are ideal for applications that require monitoring ambient and remote temperatures, including food processing, autoclave validation and other temperature monitoring applications. 

All three loggers can be purchased for discounted prices directly from, no discount code needed.

For information on choosing the right logger for your application, contact us today at (603) 456-2011 or email us at [email protected].

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