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6 Useful Accessories for the HiTemp140 Data Logger

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With the ability to record precise temperature data in various environments, the HiTemp140 data logger is one of our most popular temperature monitoring solutions. To enhance the user’s experience, the HiTemp140 is compatible with a number of accessories, from mounts and stands to thermal shields.

Here are six accessories to help users fully harness the benefits of the HiTemp140.

  1. CF200 Canning Fitting
    The CF200 canning fitting is an accessory that firmly attaches the HiTemp140 to containers, jar lids, and cans. This allows the data logger probe to remain intact while monitoring temperatures inside the container, ensuring data is always recorded precisely. The CF200 can withstand temperatures of up to 140 °C (284 °F) making it ideal for use in a variety of canning applications in a wide range of industries and environments.
  2. HiTemp140-TS Thermal Shield
    Extend the operating range of the HiTemp140 with the HiTemp140-TS vented or flush top thermal shield. The thermal shield allows the HiTemp140 to be used in temperatures from –200 °C to 250 °C (-328 °F to 482 °F) and provides complete time-temperature protection of the data logger during extreme temperature applications.
  3. IFC406 Multiplexer Interface
    For users with multiple HiTemp140 data loggers, the IFC406 Multiplexer Data Logger Interface can download readings from up to six loggers simulaneously. Just place the data loggers in the dock and watch the data roll in with readings from each logger which is represented by its number spot on the interface.
  4. DLS100 Data Logger Stand
    Stabilize the HiTemp140 during use or when it is in storage with the DLS100. This compact, portable stand is weighted to keep the data logger upright and can withstand temperatures up to 150 °C (302 °F).
  5. MagMount-1 Data Logger Mount
    The MagMount-1 is a magnetic data logger mount that keeps the HiTemp140 in place, in locations where it cannot be easily secured. This stainless steel mount can withstand a broad range of tempertures from -80 °C to 80 °C (-112 °F to 176 °F) which allows it to be place in various environments from freezers to autoclaves.
  6. MicroDisc Surface Temperature Probe
    The MicroDisc is a surface temperature probe attachment designed to be used with the HiTemp140-FP data logger. Made of C46400 brass, the MicroDisc connects directly to the tip of the flexible probe, giving users the ability to collect accurate temperature readings for applications that require surface temperature monitoring.

For more information about our range of HiTemp140 data logger accessories, call us at (603) 456-2011 or email [email protected].

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