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5 Reasons to Upgrade to a Cold Storage Monitoring System

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Cold storage facilities have been utilized for decades by industries across-the-board that rely on temperature-controlled environments to maintain the quality of their perishable products. But now more than ever these facilities are in demand as the world struggles with shortages across the supply chain.

Here are five reasons why companies turn to cold storage monitoring systems to ensure the safety and quality of a product throughout storage, shipping, and distribution.

1. Real-Time Monitoring 24/7

Wireless temperature monitoring systems give users to ability to view real-time readings, at any time. Take a proactive approach and conduct daily checks to make any necessary adjustments before a deviation occurs.

2. Automatic Alerts and Notifications

Don’t have the time to check in throughout the day? Most cold storage monitoring solutions feature alarms and notifications based on user-specified thresholds. Out-of-range temperatures will trigger audible alarms and text messages to the user so corrective action can be taken immediately, preventing product loss.

3. Automatic Report Generation

Cold storage monitoring systems streamline the process of collecting, downloading, and reviewing critical data. One of the advantages includes automatic report generation through the use of integrated software. This feature simplifies recordkeeping and aids in compliance with regulatory requirements.

4. Less Human Involvement

By going digital and eliminating the need for routine manual monitoring, several processes will now be automated. Less human involvement also reduces the risk of error that could lead to an unintentional deviation.

5. Time and Money Savings

Without the need for in-person temperature monitoring, users will see immediate time and monetary savings. By eliminating the time-consuming task, staff can focus on more pressing matters that can further the success and growth of the company.

The implementation of cold storage monitoring systems not only protects perishables but optimizes daily operations. MadgeTech offers reliable data logging solutions with all the tools needed to streamline manual logging, reporting, and recordkeeping tasks.

Popular among food and pharmaceutical professionals worldwide for continuous temperature and humidity monitoring is the RFTemp2000A and the RFRHTemp2000A wireless data loggers. Packed with all the necessary features listed above, these data loggers come standard with the MadgeTech 4 Software and MadgeTech Cloud Services.

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