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Is it possible to change the names of the thermocouple channels?

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The names of the thermocouple channels can be changed to custom values for our “Quad” and “Oct” thermocouple loggers. If the logger contains recorded data, Download the logger before changing the thermocouple names or other properties.

  • Right-click the logger in Connected Devices and select Properties.
  • Select the Channels tab in Properties.
  • For each Thermocouple channel, select “Use custom name” and enter the desired thermocouple channel name in the grey bar above for that channel.
  • Click the Apply button to apply the changes to the device. This will reset the device and clear any data recorded to the device, so the device should be downloaded prior to making this changes.

Channel names can also be changed for any model, in any report, by modifying the name in the Channels panel. These changes are not saved to the device however, so are specific to that report only. Click the channel name once to highlight the channel, and a second time to highlight the text in the channel name, then modify the text as desired.