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Celsius to Fahrenheit – Change Unit Preferences

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In MadgeTech 4, there are a few different ways to change Unit Preferences. One method is to change units on a single report. With a graph report open, hover the mouse cursor over the vertical axis displaying the unit (example: Degrees Celsius) and right-click. A menu will appear with available unit options. Choose the unit and the displayed unit will now show on the graph. 

Another method to change the units on a single report is to utilize the Unit dropdown on the Report toolbar. This method will work with all report types.  With a report open, choose the Channel. After highlighting the Channel, select the Unit dropdown in the Channels & Readings section of the Report toolbar. This method is particularly useful for applying different units to individual channels on a Quad or OctProcess, or a Quad or OctVolt.

A more permanent method is to change the Unit Preference for all reports. This selection makes the unit the default unit for data shown in Reports. Open the File menu and select Options, then choose Units.  Select the Unit Type and the Preferred Unit. Click OK on the Options screen to save any changes.   All units will now be displayed in the chosen preference.    

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