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Multitasking Done Right with the Newly Resigned TCTempXLCD

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MadgeTech continues to evolve its product line with one mission in mind: to simplify data logging solutions for easy validation. With the newly redesigned TCTempXLCD, view readings in real-time and directly download the data to the MadgeTech 4 Software for reporting, no interface needed!

For multi-channel temperature monitoring, the TCTempXLCD is now available with four or eight thermocouple channels. The TCTempX4LCD and TCTempX8LCD feature a large digital display for viewing current readings, as well as minimum, maximum and average statistics.

Ideal for simultaneously monitoring multiple points in an application, the TCTempX4LCD and TCTempX8LCD support a variety of thermocouples and can be easily mounted for convenience.

Once data collection is complete, just connect the logger to a central PC and offload the data to the MadgeTech 4 Software. From there the software automatically generates reports for in-depth analysis and recordkeeping.

Need to monitor more channels and parameters in real-time? The TCTempX12LCD and TCTempX16LCD, along with the rest of the XLCD Series will debut in 2021!

For more information about these products call MadgeTech at (603) 456-2011 or email [email protected].

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