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Get Your Motors Running with the Titan S8-CAN

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MadgeTech introduces its latest extension of the Titan S8 data acquisition system, the Titan S8-CAN. The Titan S8-CAN provides the capability to monitor and record SAE J1939 compliant CAN messages from Tier 1 through Tier 4 final diesel engines.

The Titan S8-CAN is designed to easily connect to the Controller Area Network (CAN) via its diagnostic port.  Once connected, the user has the ability to display and record up to 23 suspect parameter numbers (SPN) simultaneously during engine, road, and diagnostic testing.  The recorded data can then be played back for mechanics and technicians to troubleshoot an issue or to do preventative or predictive maintenance. In critical situations when every second counts, data can be viewed in real-time for immediate diagnosis.

In addition to real-time viewing, data pulled from the J1939 Data Bus to the Titan S8-CAN can also be analyzed in tabular and graph format. To maintain recordkeeping compliance, recorded data can be offloaded onto a USB to easily transfer data to Excel®.

To learn more about the Titan S8-CAN, click here, to view the full product specifications.

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