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The Importance of Vaccine Research and Quality Control

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The controversy over vaccines and immunizations have become one of the most heavily debated topics. Vaccines have had the ability to save countless individuals from unnecessary illness, death, and have even helped to eliminate certain diseases. Over the last eight months, COVID-19 has created a global pandemic, to which there is currently no cure. As the virus continues to claim lives worldwide, it is imperative that a vaccine be developed as soon as possible.

To maximize the longevity and effectiveness of any living organism, it is crucial to create an environment that provides optimal conditions which permit such organisms to thrive. This is particularly true for medications, vaccines, and other pharmaceuticals. Improper storage and monitoring could cause vaccines to become ineffective. Factors that may affect proper storage and alter the temperature and humidity are light, ventilation, cleanliness, moisture, air, and placement.

If a vaccine is exposed to improper temperatures, it could fail to provide protection from certain diseases, causing vulnerability to the immune system. When researching and developing a new vaccine for COVID-19, proper storage is essential. Failure to maintain the experimental vaccines at the proper temperature could lead to inaccurate outcomes and ultimately skew testing results. Where the COVID-19 virus has caused such a significant global impact, there is no room for errors or delay in development.

In general, vaccines should be stored in a refrigeration system at a temperature between 35 °F and 46 °F, with a desired average temperature of 40 °F. Exposure to temperatures outside this range can reduce the effectiveness of the vaccine and in some cases, the vaccines may lose all potency, which contributes to credibility issues.

Data loggers are ideal for the continuous monitoring of temperature-sensitive vaccines stored in refrigerators, coolers, and freezers. Constant monitoring allows researchers to instantly know if a set of vaccines has been compromised and remove them from testing. Having this data provides validation in the credibility of vaccines for both producers and consumers, and leads to better success rates in developing a vaccine for COVID-19.

MadgeTech offers several data logging systems designed specifically to constantly monitor and record the temperature of vaccines. Compliant with VFC and CDC requirements, the VFC2000 and VTMS vaccine temperature monitoring systems record all data to be viewed and downloaded for recordkeeping and analysis.

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