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What is Thermal Profiling?

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Thermal profiling, or temperature profiling, is the recording of time and temperature throughout a thermal process. The data collected is crucial to understanding a product’s experience, as well as the overall performance of the process itself, which directly affects product quality and consistency.

Whether monitoring food being cooked, the hardening of metal, or the sterilization of medical devices, it’s safe to say that most manufacturing operations include at least one thermal process. Thermal profiling can either provide validation that the process is performing as intended or identify areas within the process that need improvement.

Although it sounds complicated, thermal profiling is relatively simple when using a temperature data logger. In order to monitor temperature and distribution at multiple points or locations throughout the process, a multi-channel thermocouple data logger is recommended. Once placed in position, the thermocouple probes will continuously record temperature readings, creating a temperature profile of the product and the surrounding conditions.

The data collected will show how hot/cool the product becomes, at what point, and for how long. From there, the recorded data can be used to validate process control or to indicate where adjustments can be made along the process to improve quality, productivity, and costs.

To ensure the proper operation of heating and cooling cycles within a process, MadgeTech offers a variety of single and multi-channel thermocouple data loggers, including the TCTempX which boosts up to 16 inputs and with a memory capacity of more than two million readings. Once the data logger runs through the entire process, just download the data to the MadgeTech 4 Software which will automatically generate temperature profile reports for analysis and recordkeeping.

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