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Top 5 Uses of Data Loggers in Healthcare Settings

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In most, if not all healthcare facilities, a top priority is ensuring the safety of patients and the environment of the facility. A strong health care management team has the ability to reduce any rate of infection and avoid mistakes from occurring by taking preventative steps to ensure strict regulations.

With the constant innovation of new machinery in the medical field, many of these technologies provide a significant amount of assistance when it comes to monitoring protocols, the safety of pharmaceutical storage, and medical components. While all these factors are sometimes difficult to measure, data loggers offer accurate measurements, ultimately preventing any error. These are the top 5 uses of data loggers that provide assistance in health care settings:

Autoclave Validation

With a constant need for the sterilization of equipment and materials, both hospitals and laboratories benefit greatly from the use of autoclaves. A medical autoclave is a comprehensive device that uses steam to kill bacteria and germs resistant to boiling water. MadgeTech’s AVS140-1 Autoclave Validation Data Logging System is a complete system used to perform autoclave validation. This system provides a high temperature data logger to ensure accurate temperature readings within the autoclave.

Vaccine Monitoring

Vaccines are a vital component in the prevention of disease and infection. If not stored properly at the right temperature, a vaccine can easily lose its potency. It is important that vaccines are stored at proper temperatures at all times. The MadgeTech Vaccine Temperature Monitoring System (VTMS) ensures accurate temperature readings while also automatically saving all recorded data.

Clean Room Monitoring

To ensure proper ventilation and air quality in a health care setting, monitoring each factor is essential to the safety of patients, equipment, and employees. Data loggers such as the RFCO2RHTemp2000A can accurately measure and record carbon dioxide levels, humidity, and temperature levels in a variety of applications. The device is also used to determine ventilation efficiency within the area being monitored.

Cold Chain

 A cold chain is a temperature-controlled system in which the method of storage and transportation of vaccines and pharmaceuticals are measured carefully to ensure proper temperature readings. Of the materials that are transported, many are packed in freezers, refrigerators, or cold boxes. MadgeTech’s Cryo-Temp Data Logger can record temperatures as low as -122 °F. The Cryo-Temp can be used to monitor vaccines, blood plasma, and shipping containers.

Pharmaceutical Storage

Similarly to vaccines, pharmaceuticals requires proper placement in accurately measured settings. A data logger can be used to assist with the monitoring of manufacturing, shipping and storage of pharmaceuticals. An example is the LyoTemp Data Logger, which records temperatures and monitors products. The LyoTemp works as an assistant in the preparation of biological pharmaceuticals.

For more information on data loggers that are of benefit to the healthcare industry, visit the MadgeTech Product Page.

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