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Top 5 Features of the Titan S8

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MadgeTech’s Titan S8 is a state-of-the-art data acquisition system that can simultaneously measure and record temperature, voltage, current, pulse, and frequency. An ideal sidekick for anyone looking to monitor multiple parameters with one device, the Titan S8 is the clear choice for compliance officers, automotive technicians, industrial engineers, as well as laboratory and R&D professionals.

Why do so many people rely on this product for everyday use? Discover the 5 key features of the Titan S8:

1. All-In-One Device
First and foremost, the Titan S8 does not need separate software or a PC to function, making it the ideal solution for applications that require real-time analysis. Portable with a user-friendly interface and 5-inch touchscreen, the Titan S8 can be up and running in minutes, not hours.  

2. Eight Isolated Input Channels
Not only does the Titan S8 feature eight input channels, but each channel can be separately programmed for complete customization with each use. Need to measure eight temperature channels today? No problem. Voltage and current on the docket for tomorrow? Simple. Or maybe you are looking at the voltage drop across several different components while simultaneously monitoring circuit current, but you also want to monitor the temperature of the components at the same time. With a few taps on the screen, no combination is too much for the Titan S8.

3. Real-Time Graphing and Report Generation
For applications that require immediate analysis, the Titan S8’s LCD screen shows real-time data in three different ways; real-time view, graph view, and tabular view. No matter which way you chose to view your data, it will be automatically updated based on your reading rate, meaning you will know in real-time when something is askew. Need more of a jolt if something is wrong? With the built-in alarms for each channel, you can receive on-screen notifications of abnormal readings. Additionally, with the solid-state relay output, an external alarm such as a buzzer or light can alert you the moment a flagged reading is taken.

4. Wireless Capabilities
With its latest update, the Titan S8 is now able to transmit data through WiFi or Ethernet, adding another level of simplicity to data analysis. Monitor data in real-time, configure, start and stop the device from the comfort of your computer. Once you are done recording, directly download data as a MadgeTech file to easily import it into the MadgeTech 4 Software for additional analysis.

5. Product Specifications
Still, questioning what makes the Titan S8 so great? A quick look at the specifications is all it will take for your jaw to hit the floor.  Let’s start with the reading rate. For a single channel, the Titan S8’s reading rate is 40X faster than similar products on the market. Worried about storage? Up to 5,000,000 readings can be stored on the Titan S8, and an external USB can be used to extend the storage even further.  Looking to take measurements in a custom unit? Simply set up engineering units to convert your voltage, current frequency, or pulse readings into the unit of your choice!

Ready to meet your new sidekick, the Titan S8? Reach out to our sales team to learn more today!

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