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How Much Do You Really Know About Data Loggers?

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Looking to familiarize yourself with data logging terminology? MadgeTech is here to help! The following words are general terms and definitions used in the data logging industry:

Sensors: Measures several parameters in a broad range of monitoring applications. Depending on the type of logger, sensors are able to record temperature, humidity, pressure, wind, motion, carbon dioxide, pulse, vibration, and more.

Wireless Real-Time: A data logger that provides up to date readings directly from the device. An example would be the RFRHTemp2000A Wireless Humidity and Temperature Data Logger. With an LCD screen, users can obtain readings at their convenience. The digital display provides current readings for both temperature and humidity channels, including minimum, maximum, and average statistics.

Submersible: A data logger that is designed to operate while under water. For example, MadgeTech’s HiTemp140 is completely submersible and capable of measuring temperatures up to 260 °C (500 °F).

Multiple Thermocouple: A data logger that has multiple channels and is capable of multiple readings at a time. Data from all channels are simultaneously logged, making It easily accessible to view all channels at once.

Shock: A data logger built to specifically record measurements of shock. The Shock101 Data Logger, for example, is a battery powered, stand-alone 4 range logger designed for documenting production and technology components, moving vehicles, and maximum data security.

Calibration: In order for a data logger to produce any results, calibration is highly recommended to ensure the instrument’s accuracy over time. Physical sensors inevitably become less accurate over time due to usage, environmental changes, and time. Standard calibration information and pricing can be found on the data logger’s product information card.

Receivers: Designed to communicate between two-way wireless data loggers and software. Can only be used for specific data loggers only.

Data Logger Software: Data logging software offers powerful data analysis showing customizable easy to read reports. Users have the freedom to view statistics including minimum, maximum, average, time above temperature, and more. The software is user friendly including immediate device status information, digital calibration, automatic data saving, and options to export data onto Excel. The software is offered as a basic software or secure software, which aids customers in the compliance with 21 CFR Part 11 requirements.

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