The VFC2000-MT is a low-cost temperature monitoring system for vaccines, recording temperatures as low as -100 °C (-148 °F). Includes ISO17025 accredited calibration certificate.
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Key Features:

  • VFC & CDC Compliant
  • Audible & Visual Alarms
  • Temperature Check Reminder
  • Annual or Biennial Calibration Option

Availability: 5-7 Business Days



The VFC2000-MT is a simple, low-cost temperature monitoring system for vaccines. The VFC2000-MT is designed to comply with all CDC and VFC requirements and provides precise, continuous temperature monitoring and validation for temperatures as low as -100 °C (-148 °F).

Featuring a convenient LCD screen, the VFC2000-MT displays current, minimum, and maximum readings as well as a battery level indicator. The VFC2000-MT is also equipped with an LED reminder to conduct the required 24-hour temperature check. If temperatures fluctuate out-of-range, the VFC2000-MT triggers an audio and visual alert.

The VFC2000-MT is compatible with the latest MadgeTech 4 Software making starting, stopping, and downloading simple and easy. Graphical and tabular data is provided for analysis and can be viewed using the software which supports customizable engineering units.



VFC2000-MT Product User Guide

Support Videos

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Part Numbers

VFC2000-MT (30ml) — 902238-00
VFC2000-MT (No Glycol Bottle) — 902311-00


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