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HiTemp140 – Incompatible or “Not Supported” by Current Software Version

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All new and repaired HiTemp140 series loggers received after May 2018 have improved firmware that requires Standard software version or Secure software version or later.

To check the current version of software, open the Madgetech 4 software and go to: File >> Options >> About

To update Madgetech 4 Standard software, go to:

To purchase the MadgeTech 4 Secure software upgrade, please contact:  [email protected] 

The software says “Unable to find active device” with my new loggers, but my old loggers still work.

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Many of MadgeTech’s newer loggers require newer versions of the MadgeTech software. Please update to the latest version of the software, as this should fix the issue. The latest versions of the software and drivers can be found on our software download page: