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How do I change the Thermocouple in a TCTemp1000?

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TCTemp1000 Data Logger Thermocouple Change Procedure

Changing the Thermocouple probe:

  • Loosen the dome nut on the cable gland
  • Unscrew the large diameter end cover
  • Unplug the thermocouple and pull it through the cable gland
  • Plug in the new thermocouple and screw the cover back onto the device
  • Tighten the dome nut on the cable gland to ensure the device is secure.

Change the thermocouple type selected in the software:

  • Stop the logger, and download any data in memory
  • Right-click on the device in the Connected Devices panel
  • Select Properties from the context menu
  • Use the Thermocouple type dropdown menu to select the type installed
  • Click the Apply button to apply the new setting to the device, and then OK to exit the Properties screen

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