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What Is a Calibration Certificate?

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Many of the devices and instrumentation utilized in critical industries are highly sensitive, so sensitive that minor changes in position or environmental conditions can render them useless. Critical devices must be routinely monitored and calibrated against traceable standards to ensure accuracy and minimize uncertainty.

It’s important to note that each device is held to its own standard for calibration and may not require the same accuracy. For example, a device used in the manufacturing and production of pharmaceuticals or medical products may not require the same calibration as a device used in a factory producing plastic parts for customer products.

Calibration certificates are prepared by an ISO-certified lab that performs the calibration to show that device(s) have been calibrated to user-specified standards and tested for accuracy. Each calibration certificate should be traceable to the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology and should include the following information regarding the device being calibrated and the standards of calibration being followed:

  • Certificate Name
  • Laboratory performing calibration
  • Customer information
  • Unique calibration code
  • Device name and details
  • Summary of environmental conditions
  • Calibration results
  • Information for the person in charge of calibration
  • A statement that test results are only relevant to the specific device
  • Evidence of traceability

MadgeTech is an industry leader in the engineering, manufacturing, and servicing of data logging solutions, including calibrations. MadgeTech’s in-house calibration laboratory is ISO/IEC 17025 accredited and produces directly traceable results.

To request a quote for a standard or custom calibration, click here. For more information about our calibration services, call us at (603) 456-2011 or email [email protected].

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