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Validating Sterilization in Laboratories

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From the discovery of DNA and penicillin to x-rays and microwaves, laboratories are the starting point for some of the greatest scientific breakthroughs. As technology advances, behind every great scientist you will find an exceptional set of tools. To ensure experiments are not jeopardized, data loggers are utilized throughout the laboratory environment to maintain the proper environmental conditions, as well as a validation tool for autoclaves, incubators and testing.

To validate a variety of sterilization methods, MadgeTech offers high temperature and pressure data loggers built to withstand the extreme heat needed to kill bacteria and prevent infection. These data loggers can also be used for longtime deployment for monitoring and mapping ovens, refrigerators and freezers.

Real-time continuous monitoring is made easy with MadgeTech’s wireless series. This line of data loggers provides an automated, reliable solution for monitoring temperature and humidity in laboratories, refrigerators, freezers and storage units. Equipped with an alarm, these customizable loggers are ideal for protecting valuable and priceless materials studies depend on.

To keep data loggers operating at full potential, MadgeTech’s calibration laboratory offers a variety of standard and customized calibration services. All physical sensors become less accurate over time due to the environment, usage and stress. That’s why MadgeTech recommends data loggers be recalibrated annually to ensure accuracy.

Laboratories use state-of-the-art equipment to conduct experiments and tests, so should your data logging system. To view all the data loggers designed to use for an endless multitude of laboratory applications, click here.

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