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Data Loggers Help Produce Renewable Energy

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Renewable energy plays an important role in preserving our planet, however, many countries still rely on nonrenewable sources for energy. Unlike fossil fuels and other energy sources extracted from the ground, alternative energy sources such as solar, wind, geothermal and hydropower are naturally replenished and environmentally friendly.

Currently, at least two countries, Denmark and Iceland, generate all their electricity using renewable energy. But as the concerns of climate change evolve, many countries are implementing legislation to require a percentage of its energy consumption to be powered by renewable energy.

Although renewable energy can be obtained from all corners of the world, data loggers are key to achieving that independence. Data loggers play an important role in the set up and production of alternative energy projects. These devices are used to monitor and record voltage signals for solar power, pressure for geothermal projects, pulse for wind speed or both shock and vibration for hydropower applications.

Out in the field where the energy is being generated, data loggers can be integrated within systems to measure and record input and output. This valuable information can be used for utility usage studies, energy audits, as well as testing and verification. Wireless data loggers can also be incorporated into the process to deliver immediate results in real-time.

Data loggers for energy production are designed to withstand harsh conditions, whether converting pressurized water into steam or turning rushing water into electricity. Available in a variety of styles and options, data loggers are the ideal for providing simple and reliable monitoring solutions for those dangerous, high maintenance tasks.

The debate continues over when it will be possible for electricity, heating and cooling, and transportation to be entirely powered by renewable energy. With the help of data loggers, countries will be able to move forward implementing and expanding renewable energy systems. As the world makes the shift from nonrenewable to renewable energy resources, production becomes more efficient and affordable, bringing poor nations to new levels of prosperity.

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