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Top 3 Ways Data Loggers Will Save You Money

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What is data quality worth to your business? Data is not only essential for running a successful business, but it can also generate substantial savings. Data loggers are ideal for collecting valuable information that can be implemented across an organization to reduce wasteful spending and increase the bottom line.

1. Product Loss Prevention & Quality Improvement
Data loggers offer a slew of benefits, but perhaps the most relatable is their capability to pinpoint issues across a supply chain. Data loggers monitor and record manufacturing, storage, and distribution processes to provide users an in-depth environmental profile. These reports often time reveal troubling inconsistences that can result in product loss, recall, or a foodborne outbreak. No matter the outcome, all could have a significant impact on your wallet and reputation.

2. Real-Time Alerts & Notifications
Data loggers come in various sizes and styles to adapt to the application at hand. Some data loggers provide immediate access to real-time readings, with alerts and notifications set to trigger when conditions exceed a safe range. Others are compact in size for easy placement but are still equipped with audible and visual alarms to avoid deviations.

Most wireless data loggers allow users to access real-time readings through software and remote access via a cloud interface or app. These features are extremely helpful for critical applications that can be easily manipulated by the surrounding environmental conditions.

3. Workforce Productivity
Data loggers do not replace employees. Instead, they assist employees by increasing efficiency, productivity, and quality in several ways:

  • Implementing data loggers significantly reduces the amount of time an employee needs to be present.
  • Streamlining data by means of data loggers also cut downs on manual errors and data loss, saving time and money.
  • Recording data provides management and quality assurance with reports for analysis and potential areas to improve upon.

MadgeTech offers a variety of data logging solutions for industries that must adhere to strict regulations in order to validate safety and quality. All MadgeTech data loggers come standard with the MadgeTech 4 Software, providing users with all the tools they need to satisfy compliance. For critical applications that require 24/7 monitoring, MadgeTech wireless data loggers feature real-time readings, alarms and notifications, and remote access to data via the MadgeTech Cloud.

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