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Top 3 Data Logging Essentials that Help Prevent Data Loss

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Data collection can be a lengthy process that span for hours, weeks, or even months at a time. Depending on the application, data loggers may need to be deployed in bulk or even deployed to remote locations. This is not a task you want to start over, so go into it prepared! Find a reliable data logger that meets your specific needs with an emphasis on battery life, data transmission, and memory capacity.

Battery Life

Battery life is one of the primary features that dictate the user’s choice in data logger selection. Many data loggers are battery powered, as well as the option for supplemental external power. As with any battery powered device, a battery powered data logger is susceptible to battery exhaustion. With the absence of an external power supply, recording capabilities will cease. 

That’s why all MadgeTech data loggers are manufactured with a non-volatile memory for their data storage. This means that the valuable data recorded prior to battery exhaustion will be safely retained to the device’s internal memory and available for the user upon device retrieval.


Wireless data loggers are ideal for facilities that need to continuously monitor a product(s). The ability to monitor data in real-time allows users to intervene and take corrective action the instant a deviation occurs. However, there will be times when the power to a facility experiences surges, interruptions, or there’s a falter in the network.

With MadgeTech wireless data loggers, transceivers are used to transmit data from multiple locations back to a central PC and the MadgeTech Cloud. All transmitted data is automatically saved to the software’s internal file database and available for reporting at any time. In the event of a network and/or power loss, MadgeTech data loggers will continue to record and store that data to the device’s internal memory.

MadgeTech understands the value of recorded data and builds in solutions to prevent data loss. To find the right data logging solution for your application, call us at (603) 456-2011 or email [email protected].

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