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How Data Loggers Are Used in Different Industries

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Data loggers are electronic devices designed to record one or more variables of physical characteristics found in a specific environment. Usually, data loggers are compact, battery-powered, portable devices that contain an internal sensor and memory for data storage. There is a wide range of loggers that can measure various types of data including humidity, temperature, pH level, voltage, shock, water level, pressure, motion, carbon dioxide, and many more. Widespread industries benefit daily from the use of data loggers, although their importance often go unnoticed. Here we’ll explore some of the diverse applications that use loggers.

Food Industry

It’s no surprise that if food isn’t handled and stored correctly that it is more susceptible to spoilage. For this reason, food-related businesses worldwide rely on the use of data loggers to track and monitor their perishable goods. Loggers are used every step of the way during the manufacturing process, from the food being cooked to storage and shipment monitoring. The use of a data logger allows the processor to monitor the temperature and humidity each step of the way to validate the proper conditions are maintained and ensure safety regulations are met.

Automotive Industry

There is no denying vehicle emissions are frequently mentioned in the automotive industry when it comes to global warming. Many rules and regulations are implemented with these companies to reduce emissions produced by vehicles to help stop global warming. If companies do not abide by these regulations, they can receive substantial fines and sanctions. One law, the diesel emissions law, requires all diesel vehicles to maintain a certain emissions level. For the automotive industry to stay compliant with these regulations, they use specifically designed data loggers to precisely determine the emissions released by any vehicle.

Medical Industry

To ensure the safety of patients, facilities, and products in the medical field, there are strict regulations that must be followed to ensure the proper cleaning and storage of medical devices and vaccines. Data loggers provide reassurance that medical freezers and refrigerators are operating at the correct temperatures. Along with cold storage monitoring, loggers are used for autoclave validation to ensure that medical equipment and materials are being properly sterilized.

There are many more industries and applications not listed that use data loggers for various reasons. At MadgeTech we specialize in data logging solutions for many applications, to find the best solution for you, call us at (603) 456-2011 or email [email protected].

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