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Don’t Let COVID-19 Disrupt Regulatory Monitoring Requirements

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In times like these, the uncertainty of the unknown can tend to impact our day-to-day lives. As more cases of COVID-19 are reported, many businesses are left preparing for the worst, but that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on safety, quality, or compliance.

Designed to provide continuous monitoring over time, data loggers offer a variety of benefits without the need for constant supervision. By equipping data loggers with wireless capabilities, users can rest assured that their products are safe and secure all the time.

MadgeTech wireless data loggers transmit real-time readings directly to a central PC, where the data is automatically saved, stored, and recorded. Coupled with the MadgeTech Cloud, users can instantly access real-time data from any internet enabled device, anywhere in the world.

Other benefits of MadgeTech Cloud include the ability to:

  • View data, status and settings of multiple loggers over multiple facilities.
  • Bulk download data from a single logger or multiple loggers as a CSV file.
  • Manage logger alerts (via email or text) and assign alert contacts.
  • Email MadgeTech support with just the click of a button.
  • Create an account for FREE!

When times get tough, don’t stress over manual monitoring. MadgeTech data logging solutions fit seamlessly into any process and streamline data for easy viewing, reporting and record-keeping.

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